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I’ll do this everyday til My Baby Hates Me gets into the top 100. Comment what u think I should do next! ##OneLoveOneHeart ##summervlog ##newmusic ##song

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About Emily

Emily Deahl isn’t your average pop songwriter from the South, her artistic vision expands beyond just the music into widely encompassing works of art. Inspired by artists such as Jack White, Lady Gaga, Freddie Mercury and Elvis, Emily’s love and passion for a spectacle of a performance in music is what has inspired her to indulge in story telling and creating content that’s to be presented in music, video and even mediums such as children books. Set to be released in 2020, ‘The Ice Cream Girl Presents, Ghost Stories' is her latest literary creation of which each chapter has a coinciding song and video. With several eerie videos already released promoting this project, her music can only be described as story-telling focused pop with dark, theatrical ties.

Growing up in the conservative state of South Carolina, Emily quickly threw away the traditions of the south and latched onto the star quality of artists like Britney Spears, Rihanna, and several musicians/performers from Broadway. As a dancer from the age of 3, Emily has always been inspired by performing musical theater acts and dancing to soundtracks from broadway staples such as Chicago, Fosse, and Cabaret. This love of musical theater alongside her dance career plays a large role in the kind of music she creates. Emily decided to move to LA to pursue a career in dance at the early age of 16 and then quickly realized she was more destined for a career in music. She began training with Bob Garrett who’s worked with such reputable artists such as Katy Perry, Elle Fanning and Vanessa Hudgens. He taught her how to sing and write her own music and before she knew it she was on a year-long tour in China as a solo pop artist with nightly sold out shows at countless venues.

To witness an Emily Deahl live show, video or concept is to be fully immersed in an artistic experience. Now as a resident of Nashville, Tennessee she’s working on several projects including the release of her first album, The Ice Cream Girl presents, Ghost Stories. The album is portrayed by her innocent, wander-lusting persona The Ice Cream Girl that goes along a journey far too familiar within our current dating climate. The album is based off the Children’s book that was written by Emily Deahl and contains theatrical asides depicting the Ice Cream Girl’s journey to get to the moon to be formally released later this year. Listen to the first single, “EW” at the links below and stay tuned for more updates from Emily Deahl.



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